Martini Time!

Martini menu

bleeding heart
raspberry vodka with cranberry + champagne
be still my heart! $9

scorched earth
brandy, triple sec + pineapple juice
destruction in a glass!  $9

sea monkey
vodka, triple sec, lemon juice + a dash of banana
disturbingly good $9

raspberry vodka, fresh lemon juice + triple sec
raspberry lemonade at its best  $8

miss bunny
cherry vodka, sour mix, lime + a touch of purple
miss bunny says~ that’s my favorite color! $8

lemon drop
citrus vodka muddled with triple sec + lemons
sweet + tart, just the way we like it! $9

red sangriatini
vodka, red wine, peach schnapps + fruit
the ultimate spanish martini $10

contemporary cosmo
orange vodka, lime + cranberry
a fresh version of the classic  $8

evan Williams bourbon with sweet vermouth
big city flavor $8

texas apple
tequila, sour apple schnapps + lime
hat tipping good!  $9

black dragon
scotch, kahlua + peppermint schnapps
be careful, this dragon sneaks up on you!  $9

ghetto grasshopper
vanilla vodka, kahlua, green crème de menthe
+ a splash of cream~ gonna make you jump! $9


More martinis!

a trio of rums with pineapple, oj + grenadine
a miss molly classic!  $9

angry spaniard
scotch, triple sec + sour mix
why you gotta be so mad?  $9

dirty banana
rum, creme de banana, dark crème de cacao
+ irish cream…very a-peel-ing!  $8

kahlua, irish cream + espresso vodka
new london mayor finizio’s favorite!  $10

whiskey smash
whiskey muddled with cherries, oranges,
bitters + sugar…. Pow!  $10

sweet dreamin
vanilla vodka, irish cream, kahlua + buttershots
now, that’s a good nite!  $10

blue tarantula
tequila, blue curacao, triple sec + sour mix
pretty, but beware: he stings!  $9

chocolate milk
chocolate vodka, dark cream de cacao + baileys
yoo hoo for big kids $8

pink panther
rum with coconut, pineapple + cranberry juices
creamy dreamy $8

bank street
amaretto, vodka + irish cream
sweet, but still kinda mean.  $8

thames river
vodka + olive juice
sometimes it’s good to be dirty!  $9
xtra dirty $10


Prices and menu items subject to change at any time